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About is owned and operated by just one guy — me, Poker Mike. I run it on my own dime, and do not make any money via advertising, cross link promotions, etc. If you are interested in helping me out by donating time, resources, or money, please contact me.

About Privacy

Because I'm the only person here, any and all data collected is kept totally private. I do not sell or disclose any data to any third parties, nor do I ever plan on doing so — except in cases where I'm compelled by law enforcment and/or obligated by law. At this time, the term third parties includes everyone that's not me. Furthermore, I don't even look at the data. How's that for privacy?

About Exchanging Links

Before contacting me about a link exchange, please be aware that I only link to sites that I would recommend to someone else. My gereral feeling on link exchanges is if you like what has to offer, link to it, and if I like what your site has to offer I'll link to it regardless of whether or not it links back.

About Advertising

I would consider allowing a site, product, or service to advertise on, but it would have to be for something that I would really endorse and think that the community could really benefit from. So far, I've yet to find that something, but if you think you've got it, feel free to contact me.

About Me

I consider myself a pretty average guy. I have a great wife and family and a pretty fulfilling life. I've been in the Internet/IT industry since 1996, and am primarily focused on Java technologies. I am interested in getting into the IT Security sector, though, too. I am a dork and have many dork-like interests/hobbies. For example, I enjoy playing German-style strategy board games and Magic: The Gathering with my friends. Also, I enjoy watching hockey (Go Rangers!), and playing soccer. If pressed for a favorite movie, I usually go with the 1967 classic, Cool Hand Luke. Although, The Empire Strikes Back and Clerks are up there, too. My favorite poker game is either Satan or 7 Stud High/Low Split, Cards Talk (i.e. 8 or better for the low) depending on house betting limits — not every casual poker game allows Satan's pot-limit betting. Well, enough about me. Please go, browse around, and enjoy!