Mike's Universal Variant Rules For Poker Games

Variants, In General

While most of the games outlined on these pages have variants listed with them, many of them are lacking. In fact, most games have (or could have) many more variants than those listed. The variants I chose to list are ones that I either a) have played or b) know a name for. The latter being the rule, not the exception. Actually, there's plenty of games I've played but didn't list because I didn't have a good name for them -- you've seen the names of some of the games, so you probably can't imagine how I couldn't come up with a name. Anyway, this section is meant to provide you with the tools of the trade. These are the rule manglers that can transform an otherwise reasonable game into one that evokes hatred, fear, a yearning for a simpler time, or simply adds a bit 'o fun to the game.

Betting Variants

Change the max/min bet. Possible choices include, but are not limited to:

Play Variants

Add any of the following rules to a game, and see what happens. These are the most general of variants, and as such each may have examples rather than actual specific rules.


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